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By the existence of internet and also the technology which always develops from time to time, nowadays people are able to keep in touch with inmates easier. Even though the inmate has limitation in many aspects including meeting with their family and friends, but now it is not as difficult as before. Why? It is because there is a company which provides services for connecting inmates with their family and friends and this company is in internet basis.

One of these companies is JPay. Have you heard about this company? It is a private held corrections-related service provider which is based in United States and its headquarter is in Miramar, Florida. To be able to run its business, this company contracts with state Departments of Corrections (DOC), county jails and private federal prisons. This company serve almost 1.5 million inmates in 35 states in the United States.

The products and services of JPay are money transfer, communications and inmate devices, parole and probation payments and charitable donations. Money transfer can be done via online payments, phone, money order, lobby kiosk and mobile app channels. For communications and inmate devices, JPay provides services that enables the inmates to communicate with their family and friends and they are able to do that via video visitation, email, videogram, instant messaging and a tablet computer.

JPay also has parole and probation payment services for offenders to make community corrections and court ordered payments. This company also offers a release card as a part of its parole and probationary services. How about charitable donations? It is a program of JPay which collects contributions from inmates and corporate sponsors to fund scholarship for children of prison inmate. It is done by JPay because this company is one of the supporters of the Creative Corrections Education Foundation. This charity reported having provided $63,000 in scholarship over the previous two years in 2014.

Talk about services for connecting people with inmates, you may have heard about Ecomm Direct Purchase Program. Well, on Ecomm Direct Purchase Program, you are only able to buy $50 worth of commissary items per quarter. If you buy items through Ecomm Direct Purchase, the inmate will pick up the items that you bought for them at Commissary has on its site concerning Ecomm Direct Purchase.

You need to know that if the inmate just got to TDCJ, the inmate will not eligible to get Ecomm purchases until the inmate completes his/ her intake process. There is not much information about Ecomm Direct Purchase Program, but if you want to know more about this, you are able to join in a forum to ask to other people. One of the forum is a forum in JPay. You are able to visit the forum of JPay and ask the other people about Ecomm Direct Purchase Program. Even now, there is a thread about this there and you are able to read that to make you more understand about Ecomm Direct Purchase Program.

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