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There is a company which is committed to helping family and friends of inmates to keep connected to their inmates via a diversity of corrections-related services which are offered in more than 30 states across the country. It also provides the most reliable and fastest payment options in community corrections. In correction, Jpay is the most trustworthy name because of the most secure and fastest way to transfer money, easy and function-rich inmate email, video visitation and music options which are innovative, and parole, probation and services for post-release. In the website, you can also search inmates for instance you want to do inmate search Lucasville Ohio.

During 9 years of history, JPay have had excellent customer services. Jpay’s dedicated team of service professionals has assistance for 24 hours for both the relatives and friends of inmates and also to probationers, parolees, and others to make payments of community corrections.

Can we search inmate in the website of Jpay? Of course, you can. To search inmate for example you want to search an inmate which is in Lucasville Ohio (inmate search Lucasville Ohio), you surely have to visit the website of Jpay first. Wait, before we describe about the steps to search inmate in Jpay, it is better for us to know a little bit about Lucasville. Lucasville is a place which is census-designated in Scioto County, Ohio, in United States. The population of Lucasville was 2,757 based on census in 2010. Scioto County Fairgrounds is located in Lucasville. The correctional facility of Southern Ohio which consists of maximum security prison and Ohio’s death house’s location (a place of executing death row inmates) is situated outisde Lucasville.

Okay, That’s a little bit information about Lucasville. Now, get ready to read the description about inmate search Lucasville Ohio. First, you must access JPay’s site at Next, you are able to see there are a lot of options. To search inmate, you just have to enter the state where the inmate resides and also the ID of your inmate. Then, hit the ‘Next’ button. The system will search the inmates. If you fill incomplete information, the system will still search for records. If you still do not find the results of what you are looking for, you are able to call the agency or facility and ask the further information.

It is very easy to search inmates (inmate search Lucasville Ohio), isn’t it? If you don’t find the inmates it perhaps because your inmate is transferrred or released, JPay’s services are not available in the location, or you may be wrong in entering the inmate’s information.

For handling your business with your inmates, you can entrust Jpay to handle it. Sending money, sending email, buying phone time, buying Jpay player, and even scheduling video visitation can be done via JPay. For easier use, now you can access Jpay via your smartphone. You can download JPay App for free via Google Play or App Store. Happy trying !

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