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Jpay is a company that provides a lot of services for connecting you and your inmates. You may be difficult in meeting your inmates. Or you want to send them money to make them to be able to buy anything that they want to fulfill their needs during in jail. Sometimes, perhaps you miss your inmates but you can not meet them because any reasons such as the location of your inmates’ jail is very far, the inmates have a lot of limitations so that you can not meet them anytime you want, or perhaps you want to send them money but you have a lot of obstacles to send it and many more reasons that make you difficult in connecting to them.

In Jpay, you are able to transferring money, sending email, sending VideoGram, doing video visitation, buying your inmates JPay player, and buying phone time. In the website, you are also able to search inmates such as inmate search Elkhart County jail. Do you want to handle your inmates’ parole and probation? If yes, you can do those too in Jpay.

In this article, we are going to discuss mainly about inmate search with the example is inmate search Elkhart County jail. Before the description about the inmate search, let’s find out about the Elkhart County first. Elkhart County is a county in the state of Indiana, U.S. The county seat of Elkhart is Goshen. Over the past couple of decades, this county has grown rapidly. It can be attributed to the growing RV industry. For your information, the population of Elkhart County was 197,559 in 2010. And it suggest that this county will continue to grow more than its neighboring county.

That’s all a little bit information about Elkhart County. Now, we are going to describe about how to search inmate of Elkhart County jail. The first thing you have to do is accessing the website of JPay which is In the screen, you will see there is ‘inmate search’ an ‘prison search’ at the top of the website. You can select one of them. Or you can fill the boxes in the left side where you have to select the state and also enter the ID of inmate. After filling that, you can click next. If you do not know the ID of inmates, you can click ‘Don’t know the ID’ link. Then, you can select the state which is available in the list under the map. After that, select Indiana because it is a state of Elkhart County. Then, you select the jail ¬†which is available. If you can not find the inmates that you mean, it perhaps happens for some reasons. First, JPay is not available yet in that location. Second, the inmate was released or transferred. Or third, you have chose the incorrect inmate. So, you have to make sure the information of the inmate is right.
That’t all the description about inmate search Elkhart County jail in JPay. For further information you can visit or contact the customer service which is available in JPay’s website.

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