How Often Do Inmates Check JPay

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JPay is the name of the service provided intended for inmates, their family members, and their friends. Everyone is able to communicate with their loved one behind the bar through JPay. If you want to get in touch with them, you can send them an email. If you miss them and want to see them in 3D, there is also a service to make a video call. It is also possible for the inmates to receive the money for their life in the prison through JPay. Everything can be done with JPay.

How often do inmates check JPay

For anyone who is wondering how often inmates check JPay, the answer to your question depends on the inmates themselves or the facility they are living in. It is possible for the access to the services such as JPay to be limited. The inmate who always gets in touch with the outside world regularly will make an effort to access the system as often as they are allowed by the facility. At the place to access JPay called JPay Kiosk, the time to access JPay for each inmate can be limited to 15 minutes at a time. Once again, the answer to the question of how often do inmates check JPay is as often as they can.

How Often Do Inmates Check JPay

JPay services

Inmates usually check JPay to see if there is something sent by their loved one from the outside world. Some of the things that are usually sent by them include emails and money. If you are new to JPay and want to know the services offered by them, below is for you.

  • Send Money

Send Money is defined as the service offered by JPay that allows everyone from the outside world to transfer money directly into the trusted account owned by the inmate. Apart from that, this one also can be used by the offenders, parolees, and probationers to make their community corrections payments. As mentioned above, it is fast and reliable and you will be able to transfer the money to more than 30 states across the United States.

There are several ways for you to choose from if you want to transfer money to the loved one. Those include using the JPay mobile app, through MoneyGram, and by calling 1-800-574-5729. In order to make it possible, you will have to know the Federal inmate ID or BOP Register Number and the accurate spelling of the first and last names of the inmate. If you have no idea, you can locate the BOP Register Number by using the BOP inmate locator.

  • Email

Every family or friend of the inmate or offender is able to send email to them by using the official website of JPay. Sending one requires you to buy stamps. After getting the stamps, firstly, go to and click Email on the Navigation menu. Then, write down your email. If you want, you can add an attachment to your email, such as an image, a video, and a record and attach something called VideoGram. Once everything is done, the last thing that you can do is to press the Send button. In case there is no Send button shown on the screen, it means the stamps are not enough and you need to buy more. Before sending the email, you are suggested to click the Preview button to see the preview. Apparently, the email that you send will be checked by the facility so it is better to check if there is something wrong in order to avoid it getting rejected.

  • Media

JPay offers JPay tablets for the inmates to keep in touch with people outside the world. These tablets can also be used to get access to education and to get courses. There are a few models of JPay tablets. The first one is the JP6S Tablet. This one is the newest and the most advanced. It provides the inmates with greater performance though faster processors to get the better experience and there is also a stronger battery for extended battery life. The JP6S features 7” Touchscreen; better resolution; 32 GB storage; 3x battery life, 500 cycle; and thinner hardware for easy handling.

The second one is the JP5S Tablet. It is the previous one before the newest one, JP6S Tablet. This one comes with 7” Touchscreen and 32GB storage. The third one is JP5S Mini. It is the first JPay tablet offered by JPay. This first product has a 4.3” Touchscreen and 16 GB storage.

  • JPay Video Connect

JPay Video Connect is the best alternative to visiting the inmates at their correctional facility. You can use this option if you have a hard time visiting them or when you are currently far away. With it, you are allowed to talk face to face with your loved one anywhere you want.

  • Education

JPay wants to participate in helping the inmates to get education and rehabilitation. One of their efforts is to make an education program known as JPay’s Lantern. JPay’s Lantern refers to the kind of program that can be accessed by the inmates. With it, each inmate is able to get the education through a Learning Management System, JPay tablets, and inmate kiosks. This one is developed in conjunction with the Correctional Education Association or CEA and JPay also teams up with some other parties, including Ashland University.

The second thing for inmates is KA Lite. There are tons of education videos offered for self guided learning. The good news is that it is free. The subject is diverse from science, math, language, art, computer, and many more. Every can be downloaded to the JPay tablet to be enjoyed later.

If you prefer books over the moving things like video, there is also JPay’s library that has a lot of eBooks. Feel free to read as many eBooks as you want by visiting this library.

If you are a type of person who is not so into education and love to play, then educational games are for you. You can still have fun while you are learning something. These educational games can be found on the tablets.

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