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Cumberland county is located in state of New Jersey in the United States.  The county seat of Cumberland is in Bridgeton. This county is part of Delaware Valley Combined Statistical Area and also Vineland Millville Bridgeton Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population of this county was 153,797 as of the 2016 census estimate. It made Cumberland County to be the 16th largest county in the stage. Cumberland was created from portions of Salem County in January 19, 1748 formally. In Cumberland, there is Cumberland County Jail. It is located at 54 W Broad St, Bridgeton, New Jersey 08302, United States of America. Can we do Cumberland County jail inmate search NJ via JPay?

JPay as a company which provides many kinds of services which relate to corrections can simplify the family and friends of inmates to stay connected each other. The services consist of sending money, sending email, sending videogram, scheduling video visitation, buying phone time, and buying JPay player. Besides, there are also parole, probation and post-release services. Those services are offered in more than 30 states in the country.

In Jpay’s website, you are able to do inmate search and prison search such as Cumberland County jail inmate searchn NJ. By searching inmate or prison in the website, you can also know the facilities which are available in the jail. To do inmate search, the first thing that you have to do is you have to access the website of JPay at After accessing the website, there will be two boxes where you have to select the state of your inmates and entering the ID of inmates. Then, you simply click Next. If you want to find the jail, you can select Prison Search which is available at the top of the website between Inmate Search and Help link. Select the state, in this case you select New Jersey because you will do Cumberland County jail inmate searchn NJ or you can also click New Jersey on the map. Then, there will be a lot of options like New Jersey Department of Corrections, Bayside State Prison (BSP), East Jersey State Prison (EJSP) and many more. You can choose one of the options to search the facilities in the jail. So, here you are able to check the facilities which are available in the jail.

If you can not find the jail which you mean in the website, it means the service of Jpay is not there yet. If you search the inmates but you also do not find, it also can happen because in the jail where your inmates reside, Jpay is not provided yet. Or it also often happen because your inmates are not in the system yet and it will be up to date in 3 or 4 days. So, just keep trying.

JPay always develop their services for you and your inmates so that you can always stay connected each other whenever and wherever. Now, JPay even has JPay app which you can download for free through Google Play or App Store.

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