Can Inmates Respond to JPay Emails?

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Of course, inmates are allowed to email you back through JPay’s Email Service. Then, you will be happy to really know what happened to your loved one in prison. Unfortunately, he cannot reply to you by attaching his photos or videos even if he uses the JPay tablet as there’s no camera feature on the tablet.

Your loved one in prison can write you back through JPay’s email service. If he has replied to your email, there will be a notification on your JPay account which informs you about receiving a new email. In this case, not all inmates can email back. For inmates incarcerated in the state of Texas are not allowed to reply to an email because of any reasons.

Can Inmates Respond to JPay Emails

Even though JPay’s email service is the fastest and easiest way to send email to your loved one in prison, however not every inmate can do it, right? Sure, it will take much time for inmates to receive an email as all emails will be filtering first until they finally can reply to the message.

To know someone outside sends an email, generally some facilities usually have a kiosk which will be located in the common area outside their cell where inmates used to walk around, play various games or something. If  inmates want to find out if there’s an email for them or not, they just simply log in with the credentials that the staff give.

In a way of receiving an email, there’s no way for inmates to know for sure whether they got the message or not unless they login to JPay site. By logging into JPay, they surely will find whether they get a new email or not. If there is a message, they can reply to the message to the person who sent the email.

However, there are a lot of inmates who do not login at all as they avoid getting disappointed  when they don’t receive a single message. Well, it’s such a precious for your loved one in prison when you email him. After sending him email, ensure you tell them that you already send email for him and ask him to open your email. Therefore, your loved one will really know that you send him an email.

Here’s how to send an email to your loved one in prison!

  • Go to
  • After you are at the JPay page, login by entering your username and password or create first if  you have no JPay account yet.
  • You can then select onEmail button on the Navigation menu on the JPay homepage.
  • Then, on the Compose page, you can write your message.
  • Attaching an image, a video and also record and attach a VideoGram can be done through JPay’s email service. If you want to attach an image, you can select on Attach Image, select Attach Video to attach a video and then select on Record Video if you want to record and attach a VideoGram.
  • select on the Send button to send your email to your loved one.
  • If you do not find the Send button, of course you should  purchase the stamps first.
  • You are able to preview your email before you send it by selecting on the Preview button. When you preview your email, the format will be .pdf.

Well, those are the ways that you should follow if you really want to send an email to your loved one in prison.

JPay’s Email Service

This JPay service really eases inmates and their family to always be connected. The good news is the family and friends are allowed to send unlimited amounts of emails to them. Even though inmates will not receive their email directly, however, it’s such a great way for them to find out the news of loved ones at home.

As inmates do not have access to the internet, they surely will receive email within 24 to 48 hours. Many of them can also respond to their email electronically. Sure, JPay’s email service will work a bit differently where inmates will receive their email depending on a schedule set by the staff. Any email that inmates receive is subject to the same rules that apply to traditional mail.

In a way of sending email to your loved one in prison, you should purchase the JPay’s stamps first. Just like regular stamps, every email will require a JPay stamp. In this case, the stamps cost may vary depending on the facilities due to some offer stamp subscriptions.

In addition, a JPay stamp will allow you up to 6000 characters or about 6 pages of handwriting. Sure, you can see the Jpap stamp cost by accessing and then selecting on the ‘Prison Search’ menu to find the facilities where your loved one resides.

Need to know, the longer an email, the more stamps you have to use. If you will send an email with photos and videos attachment, you probably will need additional stamps. Aside from stamps, you will also need an inmate’s ID, your JPay account as well as computer in good internet access.

If you want to send an inmate photos, make sure you already know that the formats that you can attach are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, and .bmp. Then, JPay will send photos to your loved one exactly as  the photos were provided to them. That means, if your photo is too large or small, it’s better for you to use a photo editor before attaching photos to your email.

Initially, you will have to wait for your loved one to reply to your email as your email and your replying email will be screened first by staff. Sure, it’s such a longer time, isn’t it. Today, you may already know that has released JPay tablets which provide a bunch of services which allows you and the inmate to always be connected. released some tablet series including JP5S Mini, JP5S and JP6S. With JPay tablet, you and inmates can send email, discover educational contents, rent for movies, purchase songs and also play games.

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