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Wichita County Jail in Wichita Falls (Texas) is the county jail facility for Wichita County (Texas).  This Wichita County Jail right now houses more than 624 prisoners. The jail offers approximately 1855 bookings yearly from all of Wichita County. The Wichita County Jail Downtown Facility is run by David Duke. The aim of the Wichita County Sheriff’s Department is to give service and transparency to the community. Well, let us find out information about Wichita County Inmate Roster here. Also, we are going to share other information related to Wichita County Jail here.

Wichita County Jail Inmate Roster

Here are the Wichita County Jail inmates:

  • Boardingham, NMN: Booking AJ974
  • Villarreal, Trevino: Booking AJ956
  • Cornelison, Michelle: Booking AJ838
  • Floyd, Dawn: Booking AJ721
  • Cortes, Marie: Booking AJ700
  • Radke, Dean: Booking AJ689
  • Sanchez, Domizze: Booking AJ6851
  • Williams, Jerome: Booking AJ6844
  • Berry, Rashad: Booking AJ6827
  • Vines, Lee: Booking AJ6826
  • Carlton, Nicole: Booking AJ6825
  • Smith, Denise: Booking AJ6770
  • Medina, Joseph: Booking AJ6743
  • Ezzell, Logan: Booking AJ6662
  • Cadle, Leonard: Booking AJ6661
  • Brown, Victoria: Booking AJ6651
  • Burris, Daniel: Booking AJ6638
  • Gavin, Joseph: Booking AJ6633
  • Hawkins, Kay: Booking AJ663
  • Biscamp, Allen: Booking AJ6610
  • Trotter, Mae: Booking AJ6589
  • Gaither, Earl: Booking AJ6582
  • Torres, Gerardo: Booking AJ6503
  • Williams, Rashard: Booking AJ6498
  • Gibson, Nicole: Booking AJ6486
  • Tate, Radanovic: Booking AJ6482
  • Nichols, mike: Booking AJ6473
  • Snider, charles: Booking AJ6359
  • Torres, Adrian: Booking AJ6351
  • Perez: Booking AJ6345
  • Lester, Anthony: Booking AJ6337
  • Reis, Ogden: Booking AJ6331
  • Schnick, Michael: Booking AJ6330
  • Booker, Clenard: Booking AJ632
  • Willett, Wayne: Booking AJ6251
  • Washington, Lamond: Booking AJ619
  • Mouser, Dawn: Booking AJ6187
  • Jones, Ann: Booking AJ6187
  • Sewell, Joey: Booking AJ6158
  • Enoch, Lee: Booking AJ6155
  • Ayala, Renea: Booking AJ6153
  • Longoria, Carr: Booking AJ6152
  • Browning, William: Booking AJ6082
  • Garza, Steven: Booking AJ6041
  • Bailey, Lynn: Booking AJ6027
  • Pruitt, Lee: Booking AJ6026
  • Chandler, Allen: Booking AJ6021
  • Palmer, Jamal: Booking AJ6008
  • Thrift, Louis: Booking AJ5955
  • Pope, Deshawn: Booking AJ595
  • Williams, Lane: Booking AJ5908
  • Kelley, James: Booking AJ502
  • Baggs, Ray: Booking AJ5894
  • Holt, Jammarr: Booking AJ5885
  • Self, Ryan: Booking AJ5871
  • Carr, Dennis: Booking AJ586
  • Staten, Lamar: Booking AJ5832
  • Brackins, Denell: Booking AJ5821
  • Contreras, Alexander: Booking AJ5819
  • Brinson, Demond: Booking AJ5817
  • Roberts, Marie: Booking AJ5791
  • Young, Cortrean: Booking AJ5789
  • Royalty, Lovell: Booking AJ5784
  • White, Fay: Booking AJ5774
  • Green, Eugene: Booking AJ5771
  • Goines, Todd: Booking AJ5770
  • Evans, Lavell: Booking AJ5762
  • Robledo, Elena: Booking AJ5721
  • Ziesmer, Earl: Booking AJ5711
  • Wilson, Audrey: Booking AJ5676
  • Pitts, Alan: Booking AJ5665
  • Douglas Coleman, Darrell: Booking AJ5659
  • Whitefield, William: Booking AJ5658
  • Gay, Deann: Booking AJ5598
  • Null, Michael: Booking AJ5563
  • Lama, Brandon: Booking AJ5532
  • Anderson, Nathaniel: Booking AJ5530
  • Rodriguez: Booking AJ5502
  • Walker: Booking AJ5491
  • Ramirez, Luis: Booking AJ5482
  • Calahan, Lavelle: Booking AJ5470
  • Gaines, Lamar: Booking AJ5464
  • Davis, Daniel: Booking AJ5407
  • Foster, Keyes: Booking AJ5403
  • Wilkinson, Maria: Booking AJ5400
  • Ramiro, JR: Booking AJ5400
  • Williams, Lynn: Booking AJ5395
  • Lara, John: Booking AJ5393
  • Quintanilla, Lorenzo: Booking AJ5384
  • Martinez Florez, Fabiola: Booking AJ5383
  • Cabe, Eugene: Booking AJ5377
  • Grays, Rae: Booking AJ5357
  • Curtis, Kent: Booking AJ5356
  • Gaines, Lynn: Booking AJ5318
  • Claus: Booking AJ5274
  • Turnbow, Janet: Booking AJ5247
  • Claxton, Don: Booking AJ5217
  • Zachary, Demond: Booking AJ5211
  • Barrera, Jose: Booking AJ5204
  • Williams, Lee: Booking AJ5198
  • Thompson, William: Booking AJ5190
  • Watson, Jordan: Booking AJ5166
  • Yount, Daniel: Booking AJ5118
  • Fletcher, Alexander: Booking AJ5062
  • Krout, Allen: Booking AJ5060
  • White, Thomas: Booking AJ5037
  • Harper, Michael: Booking AJ5031
  • Mckinney, Lloyd: Booking AJ4927

To find further information about the inmates, simply you are able to call the Wichita County Sheriff’s office at 940-766-8170. Also, you are able to send a fax to 940-766-8102 or visit its official website.

Wichita County Jail – General Information

  • Facility Name: Wichita County Jail Downtown Facility
  • Facility Type: County Jail
  • Address: 900 7th Street, Wichita Falls (Texas), 76301
  • Capacity: 624
  • Facility Type: Adult
  • City: Wichita Falls
  • Postal Code: 76301
  • State: Texas
  • County: Wichita County
  • Official Website: http://www.co.wichita.tx.us/sheriff/jail_info/jail_info.htm

Wichita County Sheriff’s Office

The Wichita County Sheriff named David Duke is a head law enforcement officer in Wichita county. You are able to reach him by calling 940-766-8170.

  • Address: 900 7th Street, Wichita Falls (Texas), 76301
  • Phone: 940-766-8170

Wichita County Texas Sheriff Overview

Wichita County is able to be found in the western area of Texas. Wichita Falls is the county seat. Wichita County has a total population of 132000. It was formed in 1858. Based on the research, Wichita County has an area of 627 square miles in total. The zip codes in Wichita County are 76301-76369.

Wichita County Jail Downtown Facility Visitation Policy

You have to design your visit here if you want to have a couple of experiences with a detainee. If you do not have booked, then you will not be allowed to meet a prisoner in the Wichita County Jail Downtown Facility. The Wichita County Jail Downtown Facility is able to diminish all visits for reasons that they do not require to discuss with you.

The visits are able to be virtually online or physically onsite. An inmate of the Wichita County Jail is allowed two 25-minutes visits each week.

The visitation schedule is as below:

  • Monday to Friday: 7.30 am to 9 pm
  • Weekends: 7.30 am to 2.30 pm

Visiting Hours:

  • Monday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM
  • Sunday: 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM

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