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JPay is such a good service that is really helpful for both inmates, their family members, and their friends. This one can be used to connect the inmates with the outside world. While it is true is helpful and has tons of benefits, it does not mean it is perfect. Just like most services, it does have some weaknesses. Some issues might occur and JPay is not loading is one of them.

Reason why JPay is not loading

There are a few possible reasons why JPay is not loading. The first possibility might be because of your Internet connection. If the Internet connection is good, then the problem might be due to some bugs. Some other possibilities include there is not enough space, the app that you have is outdated, and so on.

JPay Load
Methods to fix the issue

When you see that JPay is not loading, stay calm as you will be guided how to fix the issue below.

  • Checking your internet connection

Your internet connection might have something to do with the issue. You can just check the speed of your connection by seeing the bar on your phone. If it looks weak, you can turn off either the Wi-Fi or data and then turn it on again and see if it gets any better. It is also possible for the connection to get better by resetting the device.

The internet connection might also be bad due to the data. If it is the case, try to look for the Wi-Fi and switch to it. If you use data, it might also be slow because it is almost run out. please purchase the package of the data and get the better connection.

  • Checking your storage

The JPay app might not be loading if your memory is full. To make it work, you can try to free some space by uninstalling some apps or deleting some files. When there is some space, make an attempt to load the app for the second time.

  • Turning on and then turning off the app

For everyone who is facing some issues with the JPay app, one of the easiest things that you can do is to turn your phone off then turn it back on. It will not take too much of your time and it is proven effective to solve the issue.

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the app

If it is still not working, the second method that you can try is to uninstall the app on your phone and after you are done with the process of uninstalling, reinstall it. This method is usually effective, especially if the issue is related to the bugs in the outdated version of the app. Reinstalling the JPay app means downloading the newest version of the app without earlier glitched follow. Before deciding to reinstall the app, you are recommended to read the terms and conditions to make sure that you will not lose any important data during the process of reinstalling.

  • Reaching out the customer service

If both turning off and then on the JPay app and reinstalling it do not fix the issue, it is better for you to reach out to the customer service of JPay to get assistance. There are a few ways to get connected to the customer support in JPay.

The first one is through a phone number. JPay has a customer support line that you can call every time you want since it is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You are recommended to try this method first before any other ones as it is the best way to report an issue with the JPay mobile app. By dialing the phone number at 800-574-5729, you will be able to file a complaint about the issues that you are currently facing with the mobile app. In this case, please explain to them that JPay is not loading. You can just ask them how it happens and do not forget to also ask how to fix the issue.

If you are too lazy to talk directly to the customer support of JPay, you might want to consider sending them an email, which can be sent directly from the official website of JPay. Below are the steps to do so:

  1. The first step is to open your favorite browser and then go to the official website of JPay at JPay.com.
  2. When the site opens, find the login area and log in to your account.
  3. After logging in, scroll down to the bottom of the page and find Contact Us located under JPay.com tab. Once you have found it, please click it.
  4. Another one that has to be clicked is Email Us. If you have no idea, this one is able to be found on the left side of the contact page. Clicking this will make an inquiry form show up.
  5. In the form, there are a few things to be filled in, such as your name, your email, and your phone number. Please enter the required information.
  6. Below the subject, you will have to choose the certain issue that you are currently facing.
  7. Do not forget to also describe the real issue and give them the detail in the message column. Once you are done describing the issue, the last thing that should be done is to press the Submit button to send the email.

Aside from calling the customer service and sending them an electronic mail, another way that you can try is to send them a mail, the traditional one. It is quite effective even though it is unconventional and slow. However, it is not recommended if you need to get the response quickly. While writing down the mail, please include as much information about the issue in the mail while also trying to make it simple. Once you are done writing, you can send it to JPay mailing address: JPay LLC 10981 Marks Way Miramar, FL 33025.

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