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When you want to use the services of JPay, you will be required to provide information about yourself including about your location or address. Why does JPay need this kind of information? Is JPay safe to use? Find the answers of these questions here along with the other information about JPay.

JPay Needs to Know Your Location

JPay needs some information about you including your address or location. According to Privacy Policy of JPay, JPay needs to know some basic information about you including your location to make sure that you are able to use the JPay service and also to reduce the risk of fraud. However, you do not need to be worried that JPay will reveal your information to others, it is because they are committed to safeguarding your privacy online. The information that you give to JPay when you create a JPay account including your name, address, phone number and even bank card information are saved in the JPay database.

Why Does JPay Need My Location

JPay also needs to know the location of where your inmate is incarcerated. It is because JPay cooperates with a lot of facilities in 35 states. By knowing the correct facility, you will know whether the services of JPay are available or not in that facility and also to make sure that your money or email are sent to the correct inmate. Not all services of JPay are available in certain states. So, when you want to give something to your inmate, you need to know where the location of the inmate is incarcerated and also make sure that you know the services of JPay which are available in that facility. If you want to buy a tablet for your inmate, but if in the inmate’s facility there is no tablet available, then you are not able to buy it for your inmate.

The Security of JPay

If you wonder whether JPay is secure or not, you do not need to be worried about it. The website and systems which are used to process payments in JPay meet the industry standards. The system is PCI compliant. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. The systems of JPay have passed the most rigorous security tests which are available now. JPay are committed to give their customers and clients state of the art technology and security. With it, you are able to conduct transactions confidently without having to be worried about your security.

Checking The Locations of Facilities

As a user of JPay, you may want to know what facilities cooperate with JPay. Also, you want to know what services of JPay which are available in those facilities. To check it, you are able to access the Availability and Pricing page on JPay website. There is a map and also a list of states and also the facilities where you can click to see the fees, timing, services availability and facility/ agency contact information.

Below, we have a list of some states who have JPay services together with the name of facilities/ agencies.

  • Alabama

County Jails -> Etowah County Jail, AL : Etowah County Jail (01387)

  • Arizona

County Jails -> Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, AZ : Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (06835)

State Facilities -> AZ DOC Inmate Services: Central Arizona Correctional Facility (M70), Central Arizona Correctional Facility (013) and many more.

  • California

County Jails -> Mesa Verde Detention Facility, CA : Mesa Verde Detention Facility (01)

-> Ventura County, CA : East Valley Jail (07397), Todd Road Jail Facility (06744), and Ventura County Pretrial Detention Facility (06972).

  • Florida

State Facilities -> Florida State Prison System: Apalachee Correctional Institution East Unit (102), Apalachee Correctional Institution West Unit (101), Avon Park Correctional Institution (503) and many more.

  • Indiana

County Jails -> Johnson County Jail : Johnson County Jail (Johnson County Jail)

-> Shelby County Sheriff’s, IN Dept: Shelby County Sheriff’s Dept (00074)

Services of JPay

JPay actually has some services including sending money, sending email, sending videograms, doing a video visitation, buying tablets and some more. However, as we explained earlier that not all of these services can be enjoyed in certain states or facilities because some states or facilities only offer services of JPay.

Sending money is one of the services which is important and may be often used by people. This service allows people to be able to transfer money to the inmate or offender. To send money, JPay offers some methods and you are able to choose which method that it is easier for you to do. Those methods include online payments, over the phone, MoneyGram, Money Order,  and Lobby Kiosk.

How about sending email? This is the same as when you send an email to others where you are able to send some messages to your inmate through email. However, this service is a little bit different from email that you usually use at home. This email may be able to be delivered to the inmate in 48 hours. So, it will not instantly send to the inmate several seconds after you send it. It is because your inmate does not have internet access. Also, another thing which differentiate between regular email and email in JPay is that you will need stamps to send email. So, before you send an email to your inmate, make sure that you buy stamps first.

Do you miss your inmate and you want to talk with them directly? However, you may not be able to visit their jail due to some reasons. Do not be worried because JPay has Video Connect. You are able to talk with your inmate face to face through this service from your home. If you want to use this service, you have to make a schedule for a session and make sure that it is approved by your inmate. The process to make a schedule is easy due to the convenient calendar function on the website of JPay.

The duration, rate and availability of Video Connect is different in each correctional facility. However, the most Video Connect sessions last 30 minutes. To know whether there is a Video Connect service in your inmate’s facility, you can check on the Availability and Pricing page of JPay website.

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