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You may be wondering how to send a JPay tablet for your loved one in prison. However, there’s a rule where you can’t send a JPay to your loved one directly even if you use a Media account to purchase a JPay tablet. Media account here is also known as JPay credit managed by an inmate.

Sure, if you purchase a JPay tablet through a Media account, you surely cannot send a JPay tablet directly to the inmate. Of course, you will need an agency which will assist you to send a JPay tablet to your loved one in prison. Then, how to send a JPay tablet to an inmate and where to send it?

Where to Send JPay Tablet Unlock

Well, to send a JPay tablet to an inmate, you will need agency. That means you can send a JPay table that you have purchased and the agency will then send the JPay tablet to your loved one in prison. In other words, you really need an agency which can help you to send a Jpay tablet to an inmate.

Here’s to send a JPay tablet to your loved one in prison!

  • In order to send a JPay tablet to an inmate, you should make a purchase for a JPay tablet first.
  • To purchase a JPay tablet, you should login into a JPay account or create a JPay account if you have no a JPay account yet.
  • If you already have a JPay account, you can directly login by entering your username and password. Make sure to enter the correct username and password.
  • Once you enter your correct username and password, you can then click on the Login button.
  • By clicking on the Login button, it will direct you into your JPay account.
  • Then, you can then make a purchase for a JPay tablet.
  • As we know JPay released some series including JP5S Mini, JP5S and JP6S.
  • Here, you need to choose what the JPay tablet series you want.
  • If the JPay tablet series you choose is not available, but it’s available to your loved one to purchase, what you can do is to use Media account/ JPay credits to provide funds in order to purchase a JPay tablet.
  • Once you fund the Media account of your loved one, you can already buy a JPay tablet.
  • Afterwards, JPay will prepare and send the JPay tablet to the agency.
  • Then, the agency will send the tablet to your loved one in prison.

That’s it! Sending a JPay tablet to your loved one through agency is pretty easy, isn’t it?

What Can You and Inmates Do with a JPay Tablet?

A JPay tablet is not just an ordinary tablet that is commonly used by people. However, inmates use the tablet under supervision, meaning that all e-mails sent and received will be checked in advance. However, this way is surely done to prevent an unwanted thing from happening.

Here’s a list of services that you will get from a JPay tablet!

  • Email

The main JPay service that an inmate gets is to send and receive email. An inmate will be able to compose and send emails. In this case, text emails only cost 1 JPay stamp, they initially also receive 4 JPay stamps for free per month. An inmate can also read received emails (no cost). Aside from sending text emails, an inmate can also see photos and view VideoGrams which are sent by their loved one from home.

  • Educational Content

On JPay tablets, there are some additional services which support an inmate to be more productive by availability of educational contents. The contents here include KA lite educational videos, daily news feed such as a newspaper at a minimal cost, individualized educational tasks through the school and available  eBooks at a minimal cost.

  • Music

JPay tablet allows inmates to enjoy listening to music. They totally can listen to songs, however, the songs should be purchased first. According to some state records, a single song on JPay costs around $ 2.50, and a full album may sell for $ 46.

Inmates can also buy and then download songs from an abbreviated catalog. For the full catalog, it’s available on JPay’s Offender kiosk at this time. The FM radio tuner is also available on each JPay tablet.

  • Movie/ Content Rentals

Aside from music, JPay tablets also provide movie rentals where inmates can rent movies and watch their favorite movies by purchasing them starting from $2 to $25.

  • Games

On the JPay tablet, a couple of games are already available. However, if an inmate wants to add any games, they should purchase the game first.

  • Inmates Request Services

Through JPay tablet, an inmate is able to request any services such as grievances, medical service requests and communication with classification teams.

  • Phone Service

Aside from sending and receiving an email, an inmate can also use the phone service. An inmate can make phone calls through JPay’s tablet at the same cost as a normal phone cell. To note, not all services of JPay tablets can be made available to all inmates. Well, some JPay apps can only be accessed with good behaviour.

Well, those are all services that an inmate will get on a JPay tablet.

JPay Tablet Facts You Should Know

Here are some facts that you should know about JPay Tablet:

  • Camera hardware is not available on JPay tablet, so inmates cannot capture photos or videos, they can only see photos and videos sent by people.
  • There’s no Wi-Fi adapter on the JPay tablet.
  • An inmate and family should purchase stamps to send email.
  • JPay tablet has no internet access.
  • If an inmate behaves poorly, the staff have a right to take away the JPay tablet from inmates.
  • An inmate will be trained first in a way of using a JPay tablet.
  • Inmates cannot contact each other even though they hold tablets.
  • Jpay tablets are not waterproof. If the tablet is exposed by a split of water, it cannot destroy the tablet. while, if a JPay tablet is submerged in water, sure it will be destroyed.
  • Tablet’s storage is 32GB which will be used for both software and required departmental information.

Well, those are a bunch of facts that you should know about the JPay tablet.

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