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Do you hear that one of your family or friends is in the jail? If you are not sure about that and you want to make sure the news, you can try to search your inmate in any inmate locator. The inmate locator is a database which contains about inmate’s information. Inmate locator will be helpful for you to know where the inmate is housed, the date of birth of the inmate, the inmate’s race and the other things. For example, your inmate whether in Las Vegas or California you can search Las Vegas Womenvine line inmate search California.

After searching the inmates, you might want to communicate with them. The communication can be in the form of meeting them, calling by phone, doing video visitation, sending email, and sending videogram. Or perhaps you want to fund them by sending them money and doing parole and probation payment. All those services can be done by the help of JPay. JPay is a private company which offers a number of services for connecting you with your inmates. JPay was started in 2002 with the headquarters in the Miramar, Florida. The services of JPay can be used in more than 30 states in the United States. Is the services of JPay can be enjoyed internationally? So far, JPay only serves in the United States but if the customers are outside the country but recognize the inmate in a participating US facility, JPay can provide the services for them. The family or friends of inmate which are outside of the country can send the inmates money using debit card or credit card as long as the card was produced from the United States.

After you search Las Vegas Womenvine line inmate search California, and then you want to communicate with your inmates, you can use the help of JPay. Remember, to use the services of JPay, you have to have an account first. So, if you do not have an account in JPay yet, you have to sign up. You can sign up in the left side of the website. To make an account, you have to select the state and also the inmate’s ID. After hit the Next button, you will fill your email and your password. After you register, it means you agree with the terms and conditions of JPay.

If you have had an account in JPay, now you are able to use the help of JPay like sending money, sending email, scheduling video visitation, sending video or pictures, doing parole and probation payments, calling your inmate, and buying JPay player. Another interesting one from JPay is that JPay provides JPay’s education for the inmates. It is aimed to educate and rehabilitate the inmates so that it can reduce recidivism. The educational programs of JPay are JPay’s Lantern, KA Lite, e-books, and Educational Games.

So, after you do Las Vegas Womenvine line inmate search California, and then you find your inmate, you can stay connected with your inmates by using the services of JPay.

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