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Many friends and family of inmate use JPay to send letters. JPay has been proven to be one of the easiest ways for people to connect with their love ones in prison. Service from JPay is available for over 9 years and you can also find this service in 30 states.

JPay Letters

“JPay letters” here are not literally letters, but it is an email.The reasons why a lot of people use this service because it is known to be the one of the most reliable, trustable, as well as quickest services.

There are numerous testimonies about JPay. Many people recommend the services, which are offered by JPay. Some people say that JPay offers competitive prices, which are surprisingly more affordable than they thought it would be.

JPay Letter Review

There will be JPay letter review from the facility. How long will the review take? Well, it depends! Some say that the letters that they sent to their fellow or family were received the day after they sent it. In other words, JPay process can be quicker than other available services. However, in other facilities, JPay needs around 2 to 3 days before the inmate could receive their letters. The checking process may take some times; nevertheless, if you compare service to other companies with similar services, it is worth it.

JPay to Send Letters


You can send email and even money through JPay. Every time you send email, the facility will review it. if your fellow inmates or your family want to print the email, it costs around $.43 cents. You also need to purchase electronic stamps with similar price. Some people also attach pictures, if you want it; the facility will also print it out for you. But, the print out is available only in black and white. JPay to send letters is a recommended service for those who need a quick and easy access to reach out for their family and friends.

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