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JPay offers some services to be able to help people keep in touch with their friend or family who become an inmate. As we know that when a person is in jail, they will have a limitation in doing anything including meeting a person that they love. So, JPay can be your solution to this problem.

In 2002, JPay was begun by the company’s CEO and founder, Ryan Shapiro. Shapiro then stepped down in 2016 and Errol Feldman changed him as the new CEO. This company is headquartered in Miramar, Florida. To be able to operate this business, JPay contracts with county jails, state Departments of Corrections, and private federal prisons to provide technologies and services to almost 1.5 million inmates throughout 35 states. So, what kind of services does JPay offer? JPay offers some services such as money transfer, communications and inmate device, parole and probation payments and also charitable donations. With Jpay, you are able to transfer money, send email and videogram, do video visitation and more with inmates.

In every correctional institution, usually there is commissary store. It is a store specifically for inmates so that inmates can buy things that they need there. Inmates are able to buy a variety of items from the commissary such as phone cards, food, toiletries, and more. Inmates is only able to buy items from commissary on specific days, depending on the prison. To be able to buy the items from commissary, it means that inmates have to own money but in fact they are not allowed to have money.

Actually, they are allowed to have an account so that everytime they have money from their work in jail or they get it from their family, they are able to save the money in that account. You are able to transfer money to the inmates through the help of JPay. JPay has 5 methods of transferring money including online payments, MoneyGram, over the phone, money order and lobby kiosk. If the inmates have money in their account, so they are able to do commissary purchase. Commissary order is usually held in certain day, typically once every two weeks.

The ordering system of commissary in JPay permits inmates to browse and order commissary items using a shopping cart mechanism. If an interface is developed with the commissary provider, JPay is able to receive real-time inventory, pricing, pictures, fulfillment and shipment information and also ordering deadlines. You are able to see the up to date information on commissary items on the kiosk including the item ID, code, price, category, description and also picture.

To do an order, the inmate has to place the order using a shopping cart application. All information on an item that is got from DOC’s existing commissary system will be shown to the inmate. It serves as an excellent reintegration tool as it teaches the inmate how to browse and complete purchases. If the order is submitted, it will be queued with all pending orders on the JPay server. The inmate is able to update or modify the order at any time up until the cutoff time for submitting orders.

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