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Nowadays, sending money to your inmates can be easier by the help of JPay. JPay which was built in 2002 by Ryan Shapiro is a provider that offers electronic payments, sending email, sending video, doing video visitation, and educational app to the corrections space. JPay has operated in more than 30 states in the United States. Because JPay offers services to the inmates, JPay cooperates with county jail, Departments of Correction (DOC), and privat federal prisons.

Do you want to send money using the help of JPay? You can try to send money by Money Order. To send money to your inmates using money order, you will need deposit slip. How to get that slip? The first thing that you have to do is of course you have to After you are in the home page of JPay, you need to sign up. To sign up, you have to select the state and the ID of your inmate in the sign up section which is in the left of the website. After that, you will be required to enter your email and your password. After you finish to make an account, now you are able to use the services of JPay including sending money.

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If you want to send money, in the website exactly at the bottom of the website, you will see the kinds of inmate services. Choose money transfer. In the Send Money page, you will find a link to the money order form or deposit slip. Download the form by clicking the ‘here’ link. In the money order deposit slip, you will be required to fill money order amount, inmate’s DC, inmate’s state, inmate’s full name, institution, your email, your first name, your last name, your address, your city, your phone number, your state and your Zip.

It is very easy to get deposit slip. You just need to go to JPay’s website and then you will find the link to the form and then download the slip. Beside sending money via money order, you are also able to send money via the other ways such as online payment, through the phone by calling to 1-800-574-5729, MoneyGram, and Lobby Kiosk. The price of sending money will be different. It depends on the amount of money and the way of transfer money. For example, to send money via calling the customer agent will be more expensive than via online payment by yourself. For more information about the price of sending money, you can check it by clicking the Availability and Pricing page in the website.

Sending money in JPay is secure, fast and trusted. So, if you want to send money or even do the other things to stay connected with your inmates, you are able to use JPay as your helper. With sophisticated technology which is offered by JPay, you can stay connected including sending money to your inmates anytime and anywhere. Even, when you are at home you can connect to them.

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