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There are a number of companies that can help you to get in touch with your offenders. One of the companies is JPay. Via JPay, you can search inmate such as inmate search NCDC, send money, send email, send videogram, buy phone time, schedule video visitation, buy JPay player and pay parole and probation. JPay as a provider of correctional-related services cooperates with state, county, Departments of Correctional and private federal prisons. One of the Departments of Correction that cooperates with JPay is North Carolina Department of Correction.

North Carolina Department of Correction is an agency which is responsible for corrections in the United States especially state of North Carolina. The address is in 2020 Yonkers Road, 4226 MSC Raleigh, NC 27699-4226. This department affiliated with some departments in 2012 and now it is included in the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. As of February 2015, North Carolina accomodates about 38,000 inmates in 56 correction institutions.

If we have an inmate under North Carolina Department of Correction, can we do inmate search NCDC via JPay?Because JPay has contract with North Carolina Department of Correction, you are able to search inmate in JPay. The main things that you need to search inmate in JPay search engine is the state where the inmate resides and the ID of the inmate. If you have those information, you can do inmate search. The system of JPay is designed to make the process of searching inmate easy. Every page in the website of JPay is completed with a state box and inmate box so that you can search the inmate. The system will search for possible matches. If you find the inmates more than one, you can choose the right inmate from the list.

After you find your inmate, you will be asked to make an account so that you can use the services of JPay. To make an account , you just need to prepare your email and also your password. Note that to make an account in JPay is free. If you have registered in JPay, you can add and delete inmates. For example, if you do inmate search NCDC and then you find someone that you know and you want to add the inmate to your account, you can do it.

Using JPay will make you easy to keep connected with your beloved incarcerated one. JPay can be a medium for you to send money, send videogram, send email, buy phone time, buy JPay player, and pay parole and probation payment. For you who are far from the location of your inmate or busy to meet your inmate but you really want to meet your inmate, JPay can be a solution. With the advance of technology that is owned by JPay, you are able to meet your inmates anytime and anywhere by using your laptop, computer or even your smartphone. For you who use smartphone, now JPay App is available. You are able to download it for free at Google Play and App Store.

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