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JPay is a private company that has services in corrections-related field. This company is located in the United States and the headquarters is in Miramar, Florida. The company cooperates with county jails, state Departments of Correction (DOC), and private federal jails to serve services and technologies. The services which are offered by JPay are money transfer, sending email, sending videogram, doing video visitation, buying JPay player or JP5 tablet, buying phone time, and doing parole and probation payments. How about searching inmate such as inmate locator California Los Angeles county? Before we discuss about inmate locator, let’s find out about California Los Angeles County first to increase our knowledge.

Los Angeles County is the original county of California. The county seat of this county is the City of Los Angeles. Because the population is bigger than 42 individual U.S. states, this county becomes the most populous county in the state of California and also in the United States. The area of Los Angeles county is also bigger than the combination of state of Delaware and Rhode Island.

To search inmate locator, in this example is inmate locator California Los Angeles county, the first thing that you have to do is to access the website of JPay. In the screen, you will see Inmate Search, Prison Search and Login button at the top of the website. In the left of the website, you will see the boxes for sign up. At the bottom, you will see the types of services of JPay, about JPay, Parole and Probation and Social. In the sign up section, you are able to sign up by entering the state and the ID of your inmate first. After signing up, you are able to use services of JPay such as transferring money,  delivering email, delivering videogram, doing video visitation, buying your inmate JPay player or JP5 tablet, doing parole and probation payments.

To look for inmate locator California Los Angeles county, you can start to click Prison Search and choose one of the state and  prison in Los Angeles. If you are not able to see inmate locator in the website, you can search in the website of related correction center. To see whether there is a services of JPay or not, you can click on the state on the map or in the available list. After that, there will appear a lot of prisons. Choose the one that you want, and you will know what kind of services that are available in that prison or correction center. Checking the availability is important because if you want to send money via Lobby kiosk for instance, we have to make sure that in the prison of the inmate the lobby kiosk is available so that money transfer can be done.

JPay gives easiness for inmates to stay connected with their family and friends. Family and friends of inmates are able to use JPay from their computer or laptop and even smartphone. Now, you can have JPay App so that you can do transactions easier.

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